How To Get Malaysian Tourist Visa For Indians In 24 Hours

Malaysia is a South East Asian beauty that is indeed “Truly Asia”. From the bustle of cities like Kuala Lumpur to the tranquil islands like Langkawi, Malaysia has it all! Regular sales from top airlines make it easier and affordable for Indians to visit Malaysia. It is really not a wonder that Malaysia attracts so many tourists from India. In today’s post I would like to describe an easy way to get a Malaysian tourist visa for Indians and that too within 24 hours! Skip the long lines and hoards of unnecessary documents. Read on to know more.

Panorama of Langkawi from Gunung Raya

Panorama of Langkawi from Gunung Raya

There are 2 kinds of Malaysian tourist visa that Indians could apply for:

1. Single entry visa

As the names say, single entry is for one-time use i.e., a single entry only. The single entry visa can be easily applied and obtained online through Window Malaysia website. The visa is valid for a stay of up to 30 days from the date of entry. The visa is valid for 3 months from the date of approval. No extension is allowed.

2. Multiple entry visa

A multiple entry visa is valid for a duration of 1 year with each visit of a duration of maximum 30 days from the date of entry. This type of visa has to be applied through the embassy only. Now, since visiting the embassy directly is no longer allowed, the visa has to be applied via VFS services such as VFS global. The documents could be couriered or dropped to their offices in person.

The documents have to be accurate in either of the above types.

Since we didn’t have immediate plans to visit Malaysia again in the next year, we opted for a single entry visa which sufficed our requirements and demanded least of our effort. This was actually much more easier than standing in queue for an on-arrival visa in Thailand!

Malaysian Tourist Visa for Indians | Temurun Waterfalls Langkawi

Temurun Waterfalls Langkawi. You too can explore Malaysia easily!

Documents Required To Get Malaysian Tourist Visa

Keep the below documents and details ready before applying for your Malaysian Tourist Visa online.

1. Photograph (Digital/Soft copy taken according to the Malaysian visa requirements i.e., 35mm wide by 50mm high)
2. Scanned Passport Images (First Page and Last Page) – 2 separate files
3. Round Trip Flight Tickets (pdf)
4. Accommodation Documents (pdf)
5. Your Local Address (India)
6. Your Malaysian Address (Provide the address of the first hotel you have booked, in case you are staying at multiple locations throughout the trip)

Temurun Waterfalls Langkawi Malaysia

Temurun Waterfalls Langkawi

Tanjung Rhu Beach Langkawi Malaysia

Pristine Beauty of Tanjung Rhu Beach Langkawi

Procedure to apply for Malaysian Tourist Visa:

Step 1: Head over to and create an account (or login to an existing one if you already have one)

Step 2: Click on “Apply” button

Step 3: Fill in all the credentials and upload the necessary documents

Step 4: In the “review” page, make corrections to the documents if necessary

Step 5: Make the two payments (Visa fee = INR 1050 + Processing fee = USD 25)

Step 6: Check your mail/application status and if more documents are required, provide the same

Step 7: Once approved, take a print out. Congratulations, you just got Malaysian single-entry tourist visa within 24 hours Smile

Malaysian Tourist Visa Fee:

As of 2016, the tourist e-visa fee for Malaysia is INR 1050 (Visa fee) + USD 25 (Processing fee) per person for a single entry visa. The overall amount will not exceed more than INR 2,800 unless the conversion/transaction charge of your bank is higher. This Visa fee was much less a few years back.


  • Read all the terms & conditions before applying.
  • Kindly note that the duration of the visa approval takes more than 24 hours if you apply it over the weekend or during holidays.
  • Walk over to any of the photography studios and ask for photographs to be taken according to Malaysian visa requirements. Most of the studios will already be aware of it. Do ask them to send you a JPG file to your email id.
  • Do NOT apply for this e-visa if you are entering Malaysia twice during your stay i.e., if you have your itinerary planned as, for example, Malaysia – Thailand – Malaysia, you would be entering the country twice which is counted as multiple entry. In such cases, kindly apply for a multiple entry visa at your nearest VFS center as per the regulations.
  • Make sure that the scanned copies of your passport are of a good resolution.
  • Make sure your return tickets are in single PDF document.
  • Make sure all your accommodation confirmation details are in a single PDF document.
  • The entries and exits usually have to be to & from Malaysia. Do confirm about this term.

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Malaysian Tourist Visa For Indians In 24 Hours

  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Samanta

    Hi Anuradha, just went through your blog for malaysia visa application procedure and got most of the information I required. I had already applied for my visa on windows malaysia website portal including the payment. But during the application process, I found that it had additional document requirement as optional in which one of them was information regarding last visited country with the immigration stamp entry page scanned copy. In 2010, I had visited Thailand but that passport expired in 2014 and now I had a new passport. At the time of applying I did not have that scanned copy but nevertheless I applied. But I am in doubt whether that will affect my application?? Kindly reply because it is since 3 days I haven’t received any message from the visa authorities. Thanking you in advance.
    Dr Ashok Kumar Samanta

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Ashok. You should receive a response withing a day, whether positive or not. If they need more documentation from you, they will ask for the same before rejecting. So make sure you have checked your mails properly. If not, call them up or drop a mail to their customer support with your file/application number.

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